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I've always been a very visual person when it comes to just about everything. It's how I learn, enjoy, understand and create anything I come across in life. Music is no different. There is always something playing in my head when I listen to a song and it feels like the visual representation of whatever that song is making me feel. The idea of visual music has always been an intriguing one and has been on my mind for several years. After spending a long time making my own music, I find myself transitioning into more of the visual representation side. The process of breaking down the emotions of a song and turning them into something visual is so much fun and so damn exciting that I knew I had to pursue it to see where it goes. Ultimately, I want to bring people together through music. Whether you are visual with it or not, just being in your element with others who feel the same way is something special. The process is slow to start but once I find upgrades in a few areas, I can really explore my true potential. Hopefully what I share resonates with you in some way as it has with me and I look forward to exploring this wild and crazy world together!
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Funding for new stoftware. I was fortunate enough to have access to all of them during my time at DePaul but since then, I have struggled to maintain the finances to set up consistent subscriptions with Adobe. Some knockoff versions have been fine but it's hard to beat the real deal.
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