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Level 1: Every Little Helps! 
You're awesome just for wanting to help :D
You Get access to the Patron only section and ascend to The Next Level!
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Level 5: Hardcore!

AWESOME! Not only are you now well on your way to end game but you've unlocked some pretty sweet loot!
You get your name on the Wall Of Awesome and an Epic Bro Fist!

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Level 15: Defender of the Awesome!

Take up your sword and sheild my brother/sister! For now you are the defender of the realm!
Not only do you get all previous rewards, but you are instantly elevated to mod status in the Twitch channel and get automatic entry into every monthly giveaway! Just remember with great power comes great yada yada yada uncle ben dies spoiler  :D




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About Next Level Games

With the help and support of the community at large i'll be able to turn this channel into something big and epic that the community deserves! With your support the quality and quantity of content will improve! Patrons will have first choice of Games that get played, patron only team games, replay critiques, access to patron only sections, help and advice and my eternal gratitude!  :)
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Words cant express how awesome you guys are. That you appreciate the things i do enough to donate at all make me feel humble and very thankful  :) *perpetual bro-fist!*
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