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About Next Player Up

The Who & What of Next Player Up

We are a team of developers who are passionate about video games and want to build a media company around the idea of just talking about games. We feel there isn't a media outlet for this yet - not one that combines player curated content and lets you discover and follow your favorite game players or game developers in one location.

The best thing about our site is: it's ran by developers who happen to LOVE video games. We are NOT a media company, we are NOT journalists, we have no reason (financial or otherwise) to build a video game website except for the fact it's fun and we believe in it. We are going to work with the gaming community (people who visit our web site) to constantly improve it. What other gaming website can tell you that?

For the more tech-savvy visitors - we've built this using the latest web technology and have a mobile-first initiative here. We are using a custom built CMS for entering data onto the site (back-end) and the CMS is separate and does not control anything on the front-end. This gives us both a separation of concerns (security and reliability) and more control over how both work and are implemented (user experience and customizability). We currently have an agile workflow - and this will help us as we gather feedback from the community to quickly adjust, develop, test, and push these improvements to our visitors.

We can't answer all your questions, but you can send us a Tweet and we will do our best to respond. @nextplayerup

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What it takes to own, operate, maintain, and grow our API. Your directly funding our dream to bring you real-time game information, as well as establish an open and transparent platform for game news and coverage.
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