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Hiya, my name Léon, nice to meet ya! I am an artist who just loves to draw any spare minute of his time. My goal in life is to inspire people and make the world just a little bit better, not only for my loved ones but for everyone. I believe that you can achieve a lot with kindness and helping others out, and I hope my effort will not go to waste!

But how would a monthly donation help with that?
The money I get through Patreon will all be used for drawing equipment and regular bills. When I get more money through here I would have to work less, which means I have more time to draw and I could host bigger events like art giveaways, and also to write more tutorials! <3

Thank you for even visiting this page. It means the world to me. ;w;
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At this amount of patreons I will celebrate with a raffle! <3
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