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Nexus23 labs has been around posting articles, scans, games, apps and news about Computer, Internet, Privacy, Security, Commodore computers since 2003.

In 2011, we started ipfilterX Project , with the mission of protecting internet users from unwanted connections such as Botnet, Malware, Intruders, etc.

We 're covering not only Commodore but all other main retro computer and rarity. We have added a database of the most interesting retro games, information about emulation, technical articles and almost daily news.

The site is a product of love for retro computing, and such other subjects and threads with whom we are much familiar. Maintaining this site, its hosting service, its maintenance, backup, server security, updates, info research , files, etc .costs around € Euro 100 a month.

While I am covering the costs, having you guys as patrons would help me to dedicate more time to increase the site visibility and its service for the community as well as reducing my personal burden.

My commitment to you is to increase the number of news and articles, including the possibility to pay 3rd party writes for some content that is too important to stay away from the site and its community.

I am also committed to never use advertising on the website , actually there's some, once we shall reach a good funding via patreon. While I am not against some advertising, I don't think the type of public we target would benefit from ads that Google, for example, thinks is for them. I rather write articles about products related to the retro community without the compromise to have them as paying customers.

Patrons will also have a huge impact on decisions and directions related to the website and its contents.

If you think you can spare a coffee , or some cigarette package or two a month to support this initiative, I and my team will be thrilled!
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Our goal is to cover current hosting costs, and have some budget for small prizes that could be used for creative-related contests (retro inspired pictures, demos and graphics, etc)
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