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  • Access to my Patreon-only feed
  • Hear and/or watch all of my releases pre-release date. Also see some behind-the-scenes/sneak preview type stuff.
  • Tablature & Backing Track for everything that I post...aaand I give you permission to steal all the licks you want ;) 




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About Nicholas Llerandi

Hi! I'm Nicholas Llerandi. I'm a musician, guitarist, and music teacher. I create all sorts of music and video from my home including:
  • Jazz Standards and covers: 

  • lessons:

  • demos:

  • playthroughs:

  • new originals and projects:

I would love the chance to do this more. With your support I could create all sorts of fun and interesting lessons, make higher quality demo videos, cover the songs you want to hear, and have a chance to record all the original ideas I have sitting around.
I have a degree in jazz studies and continue to go to school for Math, Computers, and Business. I teach guitar and music theory and do occasional gigs and session work for a living. I've toured with bands such as Ever Forthright and The HAARP Machine and have also done session work for Warner Music and loads of groups and independent projects. I've also won several awards as a musician and guitarist including the International Mayones/Seymour Duncan Guitar Solo Contest:
I've taught for many years (and am actually working on an instructional book at the moment) and I guarantee I can teach you anything you need/want to know in an easy and understandable way while still being extremely effective. With your support I could give away more free lessons with cooler and deeper content. I could also give my private students more time and attention and bring them to a higher level.

If you are more interested in the originals than the lessons, the demos than the jazz covers, etc., you can set a limit to how often you'd like to contribute per month, but with just that single $1 contribution, you will have access to everything :)
So if you enjoyed my story, like what I do, and wouldn't mind sticking around to see what I could do with a little help, please help me and become a patron of mine. 
Thank You!
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I've been using the same gear for years and would love the opportunity to create higher quality stuff. Any of this equipment would bring me that much closer to giving you the best music/videos I can, and faster!
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