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4 Author Signed Books - Donor's Choice
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Nicholl will sign available printed books autographed to donor. eBooks are not included.  Book titles are as follows and you can check out descriptions by clicking on links:

Should I Go to the Party?

She's Crazy

Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round

Genealogy X What to Expect When Researching Family

Say Goodbye to Dad

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic 

When Mothers Cry


Laboring to Love Myself

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate



Spiritual Poems By Nicholl





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About Nicholl McGuire

Since October 31st, 2008, Inspirational Speaker and Author Nicholl McGuire has shared wisdom, audio, and video on YouTube NM Enterprise 7, a family-friendly faith-based channel.  She has authored over 14 non-fiction books and has many blogs which she maintains and contributes to date.  The mother of four boys has assisted individuals and businesses with relationships, family, business, and spiritual web content since 2006.  She offers virtual assistance and business consulting services part-time as well.  However, with much activity online and offline comes much time, work and money.  This is where you can help. 

Over the years Nicholl has had a number of needs and made many purchases to finance projects i.e.) books, appearances and marketing.  The entrepreneur is currently paying back debt and could surely use your financial contributions.  She plans to work full-time since inconsistent client requests and donations are not meeting goals such as: purchasing new online tools, software, marketing, office supplies and some household responsibilities. Nicholl will need to enlist the help of others to continue to manage Nicholl McGuire Media and this doesn't come without paying workers.  Therefore, we are calling on the support of listeners, viewers and readers to give what you can. We thank those supporters who have already shared links, left comments on various sites, and gave financially--we are deeply grateful and may God continue to bless you. 

As for business inquiries regarding things like:  blog sponsored posts, advertising, and product placement, send email. We will reply as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance for your help!
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When I reach $300 per month, I plan to begin a series of instructional videos to help those interested in my spiritual and business journeys on and off the Internet.  I will post one a month.
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