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About Nick

My name is Nick Dagan Best and I love astrology.

Prior to picking it up, I had always been a history buff with a natural inclination towards memorizing calendar dates and one might say a near-fanatical obsession with chronology.

I have been studying astrology since 1995, and began collecting data into my Solar Fire astrology software database in 1999.

My data collection includes files on hundreds of biographical studies, compiling nativities and event charts, totalling over 45,000 entries.

I use technology to investigate the astro-chronology of the last 250 years-or-so of general human history in considerable detail.

I am presently developing and releasing a paired series of YouTube videos, each exploring a different facet of this work. The first is a series of short episodes on the Venus synodic cycle called The Repentagram, the second is on the synodic cycle of Mars, called The Askant Heptagon.

Each video series examines these planetary cycles relative to chronologies in the lives of famous figures in politics, the arts, occasional sports, and a variety of national historical timelines. There is some amazing information here, but you will have to check them out yourself to see what I mean.

I also plan to revive my 2015 podcast, I Love Astrology, which a lot of folks have been asking me to keep making.

So I turn to you to support this production through my page at Patreon.

All posted work is supported by patrons through, each contributing a minimum of $1 U.S. per production, with a monthly maximum of five.

In deepest gratitude, only my distinguished Patrons receive early access to new posts, PLUS a monthly video astrology Q & A meeting with yours truly and special guests! Thank you.
$50 of $100 per Astrology Vlog and/or Blog
Once I reach $100 per video, I will begin investing in hiring translators to provide subtitles for as many languages as possible.
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