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My Heartfelt Gratitude
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In exchange for your money you receive the knowledge that I am tremendously grateful to you, and will say "Wow [username], you're amazing" out loud (in the privacy of my own home)!

Additionally, you will gain access to my patrons-only feed, which is where I'll talk a bit about what I'm up to, how it's going, and what I'm planning to do to dig myself out of the messes I make.

My Best Friend
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At this level, you get a few things:

- My eternal friendship (in a fiscal capacity, not social - unless you are in my area and want to get coffee or something)

- Access to my private "testbed" twitter account where I test out new bots

- Participate in votes! I'll periodically get your input on where to invest my efforts

- In some of my future projects I have plans for some "Best Friends Only" features. At this tier, you will gain access!




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Thank so much for checking out my Patreon! If you like weird experiments in digital media, you have come to the right place!

This Patreon functions as a tip jar for the work I create and distribute online for free (such as my various twitter bots including  Player Character BotGob Bot, and Dungeon Ideas) but it also comes with a number of little perks: access to the private twitter account which I use to test my twitter bots, access to polls to determine which of my bots I invest time into, and some even cooler Patron-only perks in my more elaborate upcoming projects!

You are playing a female Drow Berzerker. Stats: 💪 15 / 👣 12 / 🛡 14 / 📖 7 / 👁 10 / 👍 9 #dnd #bot
— Player Character Bot (@gimmeapc) February 2, 2019

Your donations help me in several important ways:
  • I can invest more time into these bots instead of taking on freelance jobs 
  • I can afford premium hosting services which are more reliable and offer greater functionality
  • I can buy physical materials for some more experimental bots (try to imagine a machine equipped with paint brushes and a camera, controlled by the internet)
  • They help to assure me that what I'm doing isn't just a huge waste of time!

Please welcome Rockill, a female Orc. She has a great gash splitting her lower lip all the way to the gums. #dnd #bot
— Gob Bot (@Gobbobot) February 3, 2019

If becoming a patron is too much commitment for you right now but you still want to support me, here are some alternatives:
  • Make a one-time donation through my Ko-Fi!
  • Share this page with your friends!
  • Follow my bots on twitter to let me know you dig what I'm doing!
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At this level I will breathe a sigh of relief - there is at least one person out there in the world who is interested in this stuff (besides me)! What a relief!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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