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As you may know, I am constantly creating new personal work, and am always itching to make fresh prints. 

Supporters at the $15 level will receive quarterly print packages. These may include anything from 4x6 sets, 8x10 fine art prints, or perhaps hand crafted darkroom prints by yours truly. Part of the fun is, each new print package will be different, and full of surprises.

You will also get all the perks of the previous tiers as well.




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About Nick Exposed

Nick Exposed is a YouTube community hosted by Nick Mayo, with videos that challenge and evoke creative discussions around analog photography, and fine art/creative process.

Hey Guys! My name is Nick Mayo. I am predominantly a bnw fine art photographer, currently based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I host this wonderful community we call Nick Exposed, both on YouTube and Instagram. I am husband to Emily Mayo, who is also an amazingly fine artist (excuse my husband jokes).

Over the past couple years, I have been creating ad free videos for the analog and fine art photography community, sharing successes and failures that I have experienced in my own fine art career and creative process. I wanted to be vulnerable in sharing these experiences with others, and more importantly opening the conversation for the community to engage in and add to the conversation.

The community is by far the most important factor to the channel. These videos wouldn't exist if it wasn't for your wonderful interaction in the comments and livestream conversations, as well as financial support. 

The videos are written, produced, filmed and edited by me alone. I have refused to put ads on the videos, and intend to keep it this way. With that being said, my income from this channels comes in a couple ways. First, as you have most likely gathered by now: through Patreon pledges. This is a consistent stable form of income for the content, in which I get to interact with you on a more personal and intentional level. Second, through affiliate links on the videos. When I mention products I know and support, I will include Amazon, B&H or other affiliate links when possible. These bring in a very small commission without adding any extra financial responsibility to the purchaser. Third, I generate income from my zine and print sales.

The content, and community engagement would not be possible without your help. Like I mentioned above, Patrons are a large part of making all of this possible. I feel an enormous responsibility to deliver genuine, engaging videos and conversations to them -- to you-- and I work endlessly to do so. I want this community to be something special, and to be something you continue to look forward to each and every week. I continue to challenge myself in adding as much value as I can to our community. Thank you so much for your help!

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This goal will give me the ability to do community meet-ups across the US, as well as travel for in person interviews and video/channel collaborations.
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