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is creating surveys that uncover what we think about important issues.
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About Nick Freiling

I use surveys & polls to create a better, data-driven picture of what we believe about big, important issues.

I'm Nick. By day, I'm the Director at PeopleFish, a market research firm. By night, I use my survey research expertise to uncover our true feelings on topics like race, gender, religion and politics.

Over the years, I've conducted hundreds of consumer surveys for some of of the world's biggest brands. From surface-level feelings about robotic vacuums and candle scents to deep-seated beliefs about controversial brands and corporate social responsibility, I've seen it all.

What never fails to surprise me is, well...being surprised! Fact is, our assumptions about what our neighbors believe about important issues of the day are often flat out wrong. Blame TV, the media, #fakenews...whatever you'd like. The simple truth is, we're pretty bad at guessing what each other believes about big, important issues in ways that can sometimes be detrimental to our happiness.

So I'm bringing this to you, in the form of weekly, high-quality surveys on important topics. This means I design, program, field and analyze one survey every week to a few hundred people, asking questions in a fair and balanced way, in order to uncover our true feelings about things that matter.

I'm publishing these findings on my blog, along with my general thoughts about these topics.

My Commitments

  • Regular, interesting surveys. Unless I give several weeks' advance notice, I plan to field, analyze, and write about a new survey every two weeks. And I'll pick topics that are interesting and relevant (I'm open to suggestions).
  • Professional survey methodology. I won't cut corners. I know how to design and field surveys the right way, and I'll continue updating my methodologies in accord with industry best practices.
  • A fair & balanced perspective. I won't ever ask leading questions, and I won't present findings in a way that disparages anyone's views. My goal is to report the facts -- not make a statement.


Every survey costs a few hundred dollars. This is to source and compensate panelists. I'm self-funding this for now, because I believe in the power of what I'm doing. But I hope to eventually use Patreon fund to help me finance bigger and better surveys.
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