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**Delivery of each story might take up to three months, depending on my workload, but I will try to get them out within a few weeks! **

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About Nick Harbison


     A longtime lover of reading fantasy fiction, I began my tumultuous relationship with creative writing it when I went back to college and got more exposure to classic literature. As I wrapped up my degree the world in my dreams started to come alive. The characters spoke to me, and I finally took the leap of showing a few close friends and family some of the beginning chapters in hopes of constructive criticism. To my surprise, rather than a list of flaws or yawns of disinterest, I found that people actually seemed to like what I had written, and like me, they wanted to know more.

Where are we going?

     Imagine a world of magic, beauty, and wonder. A world where nearly every injury or sickness can be cured. A world where even the poorest live in comfort with food, shelter, and a well maintained peace. There are conflicts, but they are rare, and the common folk are seldom bothered by them beyond what they hear at the local bar. 
     Now imagine that the magic which supported this world starts to fail. For reasons no one will (or can) explain, all the luxuries and necessities which had been so readily available break down or simply disappear The magical rules which had been consistent and steadfast for tens of thousands of years suddenly become chaotic or fail to work. 
     This is not a story of some kids running off to find a magical potato which when licked will make everything right again. This is a story of several individuals who have survived the initial chaos of an apocalyptic event, and must now find their places in a new world. Some of them are powerful. Some of them are despicable. Some of them are my friends. Some of them are the antithesis of all I believe in.
     That is where I live when I write, sleep, and sit in the doctor's office - and I am inviting you to join me here. As a patron you will be able to speak with me and our fellow residents to discuss the people, places, and systems of magic you discover in each chapter.

Why Patreon?

    These books will be written. In fact, the first book, Sword of the Archon, is nearly content complete. My goal is to seek traditional publishing after I finish the first book of this initial trilogy, but in order to do that I need to justify the time it takes to sit down and actually get all of my ideas on paper. That's where Patreon comes in. With funding I can take more of the time I could be freelancing as a writer or web developer and devote it to pursuing my dream of committing this wonderful, terrible world to print. I really can't wait to discover where these characters who have become so close to me over the years end up.
I hope you'll join us there.
$2 of $50 per chapter
An ongoing monthly goal, if reached I will create a vlog style video where I ramble on about something and you guys watch it for some reason.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
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