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Why Patreon?
Simply put: I am constantly upgrading gear and working on new projects - and it ain't CHEAP. Being a full-time freelancer in this industry can be tough with times of scarce work. I want to fill more of my days with projects that I help create and have more creative control over. With your help I will be able to bring you NEW, exciting and consistent digital media content. Donations will go to new projects like photography, behind the scenes exclusives, documentaries, reality series, short narratives, feature films and music videos. Your contribution helps get these projects out of the idea room and into production. Expenses can vary between crew, cameras, lenses, audio, lighting, make-up, wardrobe, nails, hair, accessories, models, actors, travel and locations. I have several thrilling projects that are waiting on funds to begin production. Several music artists I have lined up can't get their videos made because the budget simply isn't there. With you on my team I can build a solid network for entertainment. These contributions will push my production value to the next level. I have big dreams to get our tv and film projects to festivals and to main stream networks! As a donator you will always be first to see new content and sometimes the only ones to see.

Thank you for visiting my page! Please take the time to visit my portfolio at

About Me:
I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. At 11, I discovered my passion for filmmaking when I took a friend's camcorder to record a family vacation down to Universal Studios Orlando, FL. Christmas 2003, I received my own Canon camcorder and began making home movies. Later at 16, my Dad surprised me with a new PC including AVID editing software, a Sony HD Mini-DV camera and Manfrotto professional tripod I still have to this day. I had the tools and became obsessed with filming and editing short narratives. In eleventh grade I wrote, directed and edited a short film that blew away my friends, family, students and teachers. The film titled Avarice impressed the high school's Digital Media instructor so much he advanced me directly to the Digital Media lll class. The next semester I took my school, Middle Creek in Apex, to Skills USA NC state championship to win 2nd place in Digital Media Arts. In 2009 I took the behind the scenes tour at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida with my Dad. I began my journey to earn a Bachelor's of Science Degree studying film in February 2012. I continue to work on my craft today as a freelance Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Photographer and Editor in Orlando, FL. I am a contractor at Walt Disney World Broadcast Productions as of May 2017 working as a camera op, utility and editor. Recent credits include "Steve" Harvey Show, Pro Bowl, ESPN and Cookie Cousins. I continue to seek more experience and knowledge as I work toward my film industry goals. This Patreon page is to support my production network I've started called "Nick Lilly Dot Com".

Thank you for visiting my page! Please donate :)

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Your contribution is absolutely vital to keeping this dream alive! Thank you for investing!
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EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes photo & video of our productions! Sometimes this stuff never makes it to social media but it will be made available to you!

Includes Production Assist Tier Benefits

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It's Up To You! Each month you get to decide on a project we produce. Anything you can think of on a low budget scale. Choose what model we photograph or what kind of short video content you want to see!

Includes All Lower Priced Tiers.

Executive Producer
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Special Thanks Credit! Have your name listed as a special thank you in project descriptions and end credits.

Includes Production Assist, Behind The Scenes and Creator Tier Benefits

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Welcome to the inner circle. You have exclusive access to personal training on all topics related to filmmaking. Help on getting started in the industry. Special invites on location to watch our production in action. Unique merchandise each month.
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Want to produce monthly video or photography content? Save money with this tier! Ever wanted to create your own show, movie or production? As a one stop shop I am able to wear multiple hats and save you money on production costs! As a monthly VIP you will save thousands! Once you sign up for this tier we will discuss your production needs.
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This tier is going toward a studio. Right now I do not have the space available to have a studio. I want to expand my ability to service any photography or video needs by having a dedicated area to create! This tier allows you to use this space as you need.

Includes all other Tiers.

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When I reach $250 a month I will begin working on more photography every month with new models.
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