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Thank you so much! You will have access to my Patreon only stream that I will check and interact with all the time. You will be the first to hear about upcoming videos, shows, and projects! Access to my Patreon exclusive update videos. These vlogs will be posted every Monday! 
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Digital "behind the scenes" postcards!! Each card will consist of a photo taken during video production, digitally signed, and composed in a template designed by me. Image will be exclusively sent out to all $3 and up patrons with every video release! Collect them all!! PLUS all lower reward levels
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I will host a monthly group webcast to my $5 and up patrons where we can chat, connect, talk music...all of that PLUS all lower reward levels




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About Nick Pitera

Hello! Welcome to my Patreon page!
Take a look below to to find out what perks you'll receive for participating,
 and to the learn about where this money is going. 

Be sure to watch the video above for full details! 

Why Patreon?  

My main goals with this page are to increase the production value of my music videos, and to help up the frequency of my posts. This includes both cover videos, as well as upcoming original content. I will be releasing my debut EP of original music this summer! YAY! I want to make sure I give this project the full  treatment, and create proper music videos for each track. This will require a team, and production costs can add up quickly. Money made here will be going right back into the content created for you all. 

This will also aid in my ability to post on a more frequent and scheduled basis. I will be posting about 1-2 videos a month (give or take). Regardless of how much I post, you are able to set your monthly limit to whatever you are comfortable with. You are also able to cancel or adjust your contribution at any time! Amounts below are listed in dollars, but this page is not restricted to the United States. All currency will be converted if outside the U.S. 

In general, I will not charge for/register Vlogs. My intent with this page is to use it for videos where I'm singing. The rare exception may be for select "behind the scenes" videos or Vlogs that direct you to a music video that doesn't live on my main channel.  

With all of that said, please feel no obligation to become a patron. If you are unable to participate, I will still love you all the same! My youtube videos will always be free, and available for all to view. This is just a tool to help aid in creating more and higher quality content for you all! 

I am so grateful for all the support that has been shown to me throughout the years! Youtube has enabled me to live out my musical dreams, and I am forever grateful to all who have watched/listened. With your help, hopefully I can continue taking this dream forward, and bring you all along for the ride <3 

Photo Credits: Austen Risolvato (B&W) and Alexi Papalexopoulos (color) 

Here are a few examples of what you can expect from my covers/originals/"One Man" videos.

What You'll Get...

$784 of $1,000 per video
An exclusive "Nick Pitera Patron" poster (designed by me) will be created and sent directly to all patrons!
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