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Welcome to Stages!

Hi everyone, it’s Lance. Last year, I started a new podcast during Le Tour de France that I’m thrilled to continue to build and improve in years to come. Every day during the race, my co-host JB Hager and I share incisive perspectives about each stage, the riders, and their daily results. Stages airs about an hour after each stage finishes, from July 1-23.

The podcast features special guest appearances, insightful course previews and race analysis. In addition to a daily recap of all the action, I enjoy sharing the many anecdotes from my own years of racing Le Tour. Join us, and watch each year’s race unfold through the lens of someone who knows the suffering and splendor like no one else!

Why is Stages on Patreon?

I love this race, and I love this podcast. In it's premier year, Stages grew to one of the most listened-to riding podcasts out there, and I want to offer it as an exclusive gift to the members of the community who want to be more involved.

Patreon provides a membership platform that makes it easy for fans to subscribe for a few dollars a month, and receive the podcast, and other bonus content in exchange. Through Patreon, we're able to have a home for the Stages community, as well as fund the podcast to keep it up and running. I’m looking forward to sharing new content, experiences, and conversations with you all.

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