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Dominique Nicolau, nico MFA is an artist/ writer/ researcher from Aotearoa, who works predominantly with sculpture, sound and installation. Hir main focus is research. Hir intersecting practice/ research investigates, at different times- technology, esotericism, mythology, fringe and emerging science, AI, h+, recondite philosophical theories, parapsychology, historical American government perpetrated trauma- in regards to indigenous and religious groups, ecological activism, archeoastronomy, outer space, smart-foods, immortality, science fiction, and concepts of the future. Ze is interested in the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge through inanimate objects, sound and writing.
Nico holds a Research Portfolio Masters from Auckland University, Elam School of Fine Arts, (2016).
Hir journal publication 'Hack the Planet/Death to the Demoness Allegra Geller or H/P' for Hamster through The Physics Room (2017) postulated that modern computer technology would not exist without 1970’s phone Phreaking. Hir group show ‘Nicofood’ as part of 'New Perspectives’ with Simon Denny, Artspace, NZ, (2016) was a publication including speculative fiction and an essay on current geo and bio political conflict in America, with a focus on AIM and water rights. This show included an installation of a future-food; a food replacement paste of her own design, called nicofood that she had lived on exclusively for 13 weeks before serving it at an event. The text and recipe can be accessed at
Hir solo show ‘The Exegesis of Dominique Nicolau or The Cult of The Crystal’ at George Fraser Gallery, NZ, (2016) was a multidisciplinary installation where apon ze constructed a world set in the year 8053CE onboard a star-arc transporting the remnants of humanity on a to a new planet after the destruction of Earth. Hir curated show ‘Food’ at B431 Project Space, NZ, (2015) brought together a dozen different artists and writers for a publication and week of events surrounding food and food shortages. Hir show ‘The Hirophants of Q’, NZ, (2015) included a sound recording of a far right church ze had infiltrated along with a golden room, a fane, set at the end of time.
Hir work can be followed on Insta @nicognosis ✨ 
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