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About Nicque Marina

Hi! I'm Nicque! I am an artist, performer and writer working out of New York City
My story (short version) is that I've been a professional performer for over 20 years, and left the Air Force in May 2019 to pursue entertainment full-time! So far I've performed Off-Broadway, walked in New York Fashion Week, and peformed at renowned NYC venues such as Don't Tell Mama and Feinstein's/54 Below.

I'm now getting the opportunity to put on my own solo shows, and I need your support to keep the ball rolling. If you become a patron, your GREATLY-appreciated gift will be used to:

- Pay my musicians, producers, photographers/videographers, back-up singers, event planners, etc.
- Promote my shows through flyers, social media ads, etc.
- Fund other miscellaneous costs that come with putting on a show

My team consists of aspiring artists, young entrepreneurs and military veterans. My goal is always to take others from my community along with me on the road to success.

Thanks for checking me out, and I hope you become one of my patrons!
$51 of $500 per month
If I reach this amount, I can put on a show before the end of 2019!
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