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is creating a network of air quality sensors

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Air pollution causes asthma and respiratory disease, as well as being a sign of high fossil fuel use, and CO2 emissions.  In order to tackle the causes and effects of pollution, people need to understand where, and when, air quality is poor and harmful chemicals in the air reach dangerous levels.  
At the moment Bristol has five air quality monitoring stations, but when I last checked (14:30 on 20-09-2016) no data had been received by the website from any of them for the last 5 days. In a hilly city with a fir amount of wind, pollution levels can vary over the space of a few metres, so this is not enough to give residents a useful picture of the air quality outside their front doors. 

I plan to provide the city with wall-mounted geckos: always on, always connected, air quality sensors (measuring NO2, CO, and particulates in the air), all reporting back to a website where  maps similar to the one above will show point measures of the levels for each of the three pollutants, coloured according to the danger level.  

This project will be in two phases: in the first phase, I will create two or three protoype geckos, which will (hopefully) be calibrated against one of the City Council monitoring stations.  I will also build and deploy a LoRaWAN gateway in Clifton / Cotham area, to ensure that the data transmitted by the geckos can be received and passed on to the website which I will build.  I expect this phase, in hardware, time, and other expenses, to cost around £850, and last 2-3 months.  

The second phase will be the deployment of the geckos, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring - of the system and the air quality.  Each gecko will cost around £100 to build, and I will run a Kickstarter campaign to raise the fund to deliver them  (in the Kickstarter, anyone pledging £100 or more can have a gecko on their building).  Patrons giving £75 or more per month will get a personalised Air Quality dashboard giving the data from the nearest gecko.  

This air quality data is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License:
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