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About Revisit

Revisit is a free mobile phone app designed to help you explore the history of any city you choose. We are currently based in York but we want to expand all over the world. The idea is simple. Revisit shows you a map based on your current location or one you would like to explore and displays areas of interest on the map as dots. Either you can use proximity to hunt down the pins yourself or set the app to ‘places unlocked’ and you can explore virtually with the touch of a button.

Once you’ve unlocked a pin you can watch a short video giving you the history of the location. We will also include locations like pubs, restaurants, attractions and cafes so that you can find everything you need in the city with ease. Revisit’s aim is to make history easily accessible to all and share the great stories of the past with as many people as possible.

Supporting us on Patreon allows us to expand the app and continue our research, making more cities and locations available to intrepid explorers. Thank you for giving us your time and we look forward to seeing you join the adventure.