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About Nihilist Podcast Network

Thanks to people willing to part with a portion of their meaningless fiat currency, the Nihilist Podcast Network will be able to continue to "thrive" and "create content" and "make people laugh," if such words can be considered meaningful. (They cannot.)

Please consider designating some portion of your currency to supporting this endeavor. Your contribution will be used to support the editing and production of NPN until such a time as the podcast is forced to end due to apocalypse.

A bit of history behind the Nihilist Podcast Network:

The Nihilist Podcast Network was first created in 1834 by a group of American pioneers who needed a collective way to come together and express their innermost desperation and hopelessness. Inspired by writers such as Søren Kierkegaard, the weary travelers had regular meetings during their arduous journey westward, towards the Northwest territories. However, one day as the pioneers were discussing their podcast network at a trading post in Fort Kearny, a fur trapper named Bessie Gale now famously said,

“I’ve been hearing ye folks talk for a while now, and by the bye, I can’t help but notice that the title yer got is a bag of nails. Podcasts ain’t been invented yet, but yer sure as a gun know that. And the very concept of a podcast network is fit to be so foreign to a simple fur trader’s ears- like me- that she might be too flummoxed to apprehend what in God’s good creation yer talking about.”
It was from that moment on that the Nihilist Podcast Network became… the Nihilist Podcast Network. It would continue as a robust and thriving podcast network until World War 2, which effectively ended all podcast production in the United States, as factories, workers, and able-bodied men and women contributed to the war effort. It seemed that the future of NPN couldn’t be more in jeopardy when tragedy struck in Berlin. The founder of the Nihilist Podcast Network, former-pioneer-now-soldier Dallas Shapiro III, was severely wounded in combat. Faced with his own mortality, he was unable to cope with that reality, fled Germany, and started praying to the local god, Marduk.

Facing budgetary constraints, and what was thought to be the impending nuclear apocalypse, the Nihilist Podcast Network’s skeleton crew reported every week on the state of the world, local happenings, and the threat of nuclear annihilation, in This Week In Nihilism. In 1992, at the request of listeners, the Nihilist Podcast Network acquired Staring Into The Endless Void: 30 Minutes Of Quiet Weeping, with Jean Paul Beaumont.

Once the internet became widely available in households, and podcasts were officially invented, the Nihilist Podcast Network could finally release its content using the technology and infrastructure that the pioneering founders envisioned. No more was the audio quality marred by groaning oxen and rickety wagon wheels, no more wandering from saloon to saloon looking in vain for a wifi connection, no more staring up into the stars by the campfire wondering when microphones will be invented, or what they even are.

In 2016, network executives decided that, since all of our endeavors are ultimately fruitless, it makes no difference whether or not new podcasts were brought under the umbrella of the Nihilist Podcast Network. The collection of podcasts now featured in the Nihilist Podcast Network weekly podcast now included podcasts about food, travel, and life. Some had no point, and some had no meaning. The bottom line is: The Nihilist Podcast Network was back in the big time again, though network executives realize that assigning any real meaning or value to the podcast is a naive and fruitless gesture.

Still, in keeping with modern custom, they invite you to share in the wide array of podcasters and programs featured on their network, with great gratitude and humility.
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