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About Consu Nikolazza

Hello! I am Consu, vegan, lover of nature, music, art and memes.
I want to share my world and art with you.

First of all ... my great beginning was knowing the law of attraction at 15 years old, where I could know the strength and ability that we all have to create the reality that we want.
Why everything starts from there? because my heart began to fall in love and follow the voice of intuition

Thanks to the Academic Excellence Scolarship I was able to study Graphic Design and Editorial in the university INACAP (Chile), it was one of the greatest blessings, I fell in love even more, expanding my knowledge to the design softwares. I did illustration classes in a school and then I got the opportunity to travel to the United States. At that moment my life changed radically in terms of understanding who I am, what I want to be and how I can plant my seed in this vast universe.

I have always liked to draw, make animations, stickers and gifts for my little cousins, with the years I was able to share my works with children and adults, realizing how therapeutic it can be a nice combination of colors and a beautiful story for the soul of a human.

(Art Exposition, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

I always believed in healing through art and music, but I had to start with my personal healing first. The following years (2016-2018) were dedicated to awakening, to face the dark nights of the soul, - like the blue era of Picasso - It was difficult but (as Steve Jobs said) "I was still in love". And I started to follow my heart again. This time, a heart that loves itself as well as others

Now I am in the stage of my story where, with faith and decision (along with the wonderful inspiration and love) want to share everything I do with you, your friends, friends of your friends and so, expanding fractally all over the world !

And here I am now, the result of miraculous events. more in love than ever with the universe and willing to show everyone that dreams are fulfilled on earth. (every moment)

Thank you very much for your time to read me and I hope we can share something more than just a patreon =) Maybe we met in some other life and you had to be here ! 

And if you would like to give me a donation by paypal, thanks x 1000
(I had problems linking the page's html) lol so press "donation"

Happy Life for You !

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Pencils, watercolors, paper, maybe a new sketchbook !
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post