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Hello and welcome to my patreon page!

I am a 3D Artist and I want to share here on this site my knowledge and not only this.
I will regularly post 3D files (models, project files...), textures, plugins and so on, for download and will help where ever I can.

You can contact me over my website.

Since over an year I make Cinema 4D tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo, and I think, most of my follower like them ;)
You will find the Tutorials here (meanwhile about 140 tutorials) ...



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and ask ;)

Best regards from Vienna / Austria, Niko.

PS.: Sorry for my English ;)
100% complete
I will make an exclusive patreons poll for the next tutorial and this will be available for all patreons.
And I will buy a bottle ouzo ;)
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