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Hello, I'm Nimuro.
Thats my nickname, which I came up with for my music tracks in the distant past. All my life I've been engaged in creative activity, like electronic music, drawing, design. My main profession of choice was graphic design, since then I have been going from one job to another in search of my place in life, but I haven't found it yet. Any hired work goes against my wishes and aspirations. Not that I was a bad employee, just at some point I understand that I want to do something really cool and exciting. Something my own. For myself.
In the past I used to do maps for CS 1.6 and later CS:GO, tried to make mods for HL2. How cool it was to do something of your own and then try it out in the game. This was my first experience in developing game content. Not so long ago, my friends and I were making game in Unity, and I can say that I've created the visual and sound design of the game. It was a level itself, some models (except characters), sounds, music and user interface. Well, after some time I've decided to start developing my own game, with interesting mechanics, which once dragged me on for many years of gameplay...
For development, I chose Unreal Engine 4 (many thanks to the developers that made it free today), because you can work in it even if you never wrote the code before like me, for example. In a nutshell, this will be the first-person shooter with survival elements and a craft system. Yes, there is many of them today, but those things that I liked most - I have not met yet, but I'll try to embody it in the game. And you can see the process, which will be exciting for you.
I came to Patreon to find support from the community, because support is the most important element in creative development. Without support, many things lose sense ... With the help of Patrons, I will be able to fullfill my creative potential in aesthetic, artistic, design, and music. I want to find people who will be interested in my project and creativity as a whole and are ready to help and support me. In the future I want to make Patrion my main place of work, since hired labor takes a lot of energy and does not always bring pleasure. What can I say about my creative desires. Here, I can immerse myself in my creative world and do what I want, sharing my work with people and getting a reward for it. Here you will find my author's music, video clips, sketches, the development process, demonstration of new features, screenshots, renderers, early game tests and something from my life. Perhaps you will learn something new for yourself. Join me! I'll be glad to see each of you. Inbefore, thank you!
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