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I make the art I want to make and give it away. I like money very much, but only if it is freely given - I don't hold my work or my Muse hostage in exchange for cash. I am a copyright abolitionist and have written a lot about Free Culture. 

I'm best known for my feature film Sita Sings the Blues, and a short called This Land Is Mine. The latter is a chapter in my next feature film, Seder-Masochism, which should be done by Passover 2018 is finally finished and doing its film festival rounds. Like all my art, Seder-Masochism will be released as Free Culture.

There are other ways to support me, including tax-deductible donations via, but many people have requested a Patreon page so here I am. There is also a Seder-Masochism store with t-shirts, quilts, Death watches, and other physical items, if you like actual material objects in exchange for your money. Paypal and Bitcoin donations can be made via my website,
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I intend to make the same art whether people send me money or not. But it will be a lot easier for me to live if I have money. When I think of something that requires money up front for me to make it, I'll set a goal for that here. I might need money to print posters for Seder-Masochism, for instance. And then I could send supporters posters. But for now it's more important that I just work on the film.
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