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Before I try and answer that complicated question, I want to thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in what I am creating. Back to me. I am a bit of an anomaly when it comes to entertainment. I grew up watching Martial Arts movies, playing video games and reading comic books. I knew pretty early on what I wanted to do with my life. 

While working for a game developer in the 90's, I gave birth to the story Ninja Rain. It was supposed to be all of the things I love about Martial Arts Movies, Comics and Video games wrapped into one. To my surprise, most of the folks I pitched my idea to were very lukewarm about it.  Said it was a bit too violent. Time moved forward and video games and TV shows were starting to push the limits. After seeing the first season of Game of Thrones and noticing there weren't any Epic Comic books or Tv Shows that focused on Martial Arts, Ninja's and Samurai's, I knew now was the time to get my characters and story out to my audience. 

Currently I work as a Screen Writer / Visual FX Artist in the film industry. The goal, with the help of the wonderful folks on Patreon,  is to construct a solid 66 page graphic novel for Ninja Rain. I have been very blessed to have the talents (Barry and Satine) that have agreed to join me on this journey and I want to be able to pay them for their amazing work. Page by page....line by line. We are going to make this happen and come up with really creative rewards as incentives to encourage you to join us on this journey. 

Tell us About Ninja Rain - Tale of the Seven (short version)
Ninja Rain is the story about two very unlikely warriors, a Samurai and Ninja, who make a pact to drink themselves to death. Before they can reach their goal they end up crossing paths with a very special Ninja girl. Once the significance and purpose of this girl's life becomes clear, both warriors join forces with her and risk their lives again and again protecting her while on her mission.  Thus the unlikely trinity begins. 


Brian has written feature screenplays, Commercials and comics. His focus on Ninja Rain is to write and create the blueprint so the Artists, Inkers and Colorist can bring those words to life!!!

Barry is an AMAZING Illustrator / Inker, whose work has graced the pages at: Martian Lizard, Redbud Studio and Valiant comics. He is motivated and will bring the heat!!!

Satine is a truly gifted Colorist and over all artist. Her work is becoming more and more popular and she promises to bring a unique flavor to Ninja Rain.  


Ninja Rain - Tale of the Seven (Long version)

After being exiled, Aiko found himself staring at the corpses of the two people he loved most in this world, his wife and his son. With them gone and his home engulfed in flames, he immediately became a Ronin, a widower and a broken parent. It wasn't enough that his emperor sent him into exile...he had to steal his future as well. After burying his wife and son, he headed North and began a new trade...full-time drunkard.

Hachiro, found himself being sentenced to death for botching a mission with a fellow Ninja he had affections for. Instead of waiting for his sentence to be carried out, he chose to run. With no home to return to...he soon found refuge at every brothel he stumble into. When these two broken warriors found one another, it was while under the spell of liquid spirits. While sober, both were forced to relive their past and deal with how deep their pain was. This lead to more drinking, deeper sorrow and ultimately...them entering into a pact. They agreed to drink themselves to death.

It was one full year after Aiko and Hachiro entered their agreement...then new opportunity knocked. Her name was Mika Z.

She was a beautiful and skilled warrior...with a gift to die for. The glowing charm she wore around her neck allows her to generate throwing darts...made of pure energy. It is this gift and the fact that her six sisters share the same charm, that has everyone looking for them! When Mika is in close quarters with her sisters, they become a unit of destruction known as...THE SEVEN. Together they can summon thousands of these energy darts and wreak havoc upon soldiers, villages and even kingdoms.

When Aiko and Hachiro accidentally liberate Mika, they set themselves up for far more than they bargained for. When they find out the powerful sorcerer / warrior -The Alchemist, is looking for her...they reluctantly find themselves taking on a new title...PROTECTORS! With a war already being waged across the land, if this power were to fall into the wrong hands...the young kingdoms could become a scorched wasteland.

In this seedy landscape where just about anything is possible, this trio must somehow reunite Mika with her sisters and avoid being captured or killed along the way. Their adventure begins here!
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Our first realistic goal, is to get 50 PATRONS under the $1 reward!!!!! Taking care of my artists is important. Without them there is no heat. (We are humble and willing to build it)
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