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If you donate $5, get all previous rewards plus a level one commission! I will make a 6 second long edit for you! ^-^ You can choose anything to be edited other than art belonging to someone else. Direct me with any special things you'd like included, you may even choose the audio I use! The final product will be sent to you in its full quality. You will also be mentioned in the Patrons of The Month on my social media!
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Pledge $10 and you've got a level two commission! I will make an up to 15 second long edit for you, of anything you'd like within the limits! Plus a personalized thank you note with a fan sign of your name/username! I also want to keep in touch, and follow you on Instagram! (Share username when signing up)




Hello! ^-^ It's Hopie!

Over the course of being a creator, it has been suggested to me by several lovely supporters to start up a Patreon to help me make more content and progress while doing so. Patreon is a platform that offers you a way to support the artists you love, helping them continue with their content by a little effort!
I am so humbled to have you all here; thank you so much for your love and support as you are the main reason I choose to keep going. It is absolutely mind-blowing to me to know I can do what I love, with the support you send my direction. Everything you do is immensely appreciated, and you guys are helping me do what I love! A simple smile from you while viewing my content will drive me a long while.


My name is Hope Walter. Many of you may know me as nipnuts on my social media. I have a passion for creating many things, such as videos, sfx makeup, animation, and cosplays when I can afford them. I have always leaned toward the creative-arts side of life, and the joy I feel from accomplishing something creative is indescribable. The visions I have in my head of things I can do are wild, and I get so excited to start them; but sometimes it gets difficult to pursue something that requires financial attention first.
As a creator of all sorts, my main focus has been on editing and sfx makeup for the passed few years. Although I would love to pursue my love for cosplay, I am driven to do one thing at a time, as best I can, and wait until my financial situation improves.
I am 19 years old and just starting my journey as an artist! The future is so exciting, and I can't wait to keep putting things in the world for the better.


On a future aspect, in order for me to continue creating, it is very important that I find a way to earn. The daily expenses and requirements life brings makes it very difficult to afford the necessary equipment and supplies to make my content. I do not obtain extra funds to fulfill my creative visions.
I plan to make not only make regular videos, but specially-made tutorials of how I do what I do! With your help these things will be an easy knockout, as I know how often I'm asked to make tutorials. To add to the list, I would love to actually create films that can do numbers of things...make you laugh, make you cry, want to help someone or something. As a prior videographer for weddings, it is definitely in my focus to continue creating moving films.
I also plan to attend an art college soon to really emphasize what I love to do. To learn more in the fields I'm interested in, to foresee my entire life career! College isn't even an option to think about at the moment, so I plan to spend my next few years dropping content and raising funds!
Another big reason for using Patreon is... COMMISSIONS!
More info. about commissions will be listed below!
Again, even a dollar a month is extremely appreciated. With your monthly subscription to help me, I am so excited to give you all sorts of rewards! Don't forget that you can pause your subscription at any time, if you find the need to do so. Thank you so much for your support!


- The chance to request a custom commission for me to create for you! Options as to what kinds are listed below!
- 4K (very high) quality photos of any cosplays I happen to be able to do because of you all!
- Fun polls of what my next projects should be!
- Tutorials and tips on everything I do, including the process of editing, sfx, animation, and cosplays!
- News as to any new creations! I made a new video..? You'll hear about it here!
- Any and all news of what I'm up to regarding my projects! If I'm working on your specially-requested commission, you'll know. ^-^
- Much more!


What is a commission, you wonder.
To put it simple, you can order me to make something individually, for you!
You can request a custom of the following:
- EDITS! Why of course~
    + Want a customized edit? An animation? A birthday present? A meme? No worries. Several options are available to you regarding every little detail you want within the edit. Different lengths are going to range from cost; for instance...a 6 second edit will be much cheaper than 60 second one. I am more than thrilled to make customs for you! The only limitation is, I will not sell edits containing artwork belonging to someone else, without their permission.
    + Think my face fits with a character? You can help me make it real! Request a character from anything, and depending on what it is may result in a price difference, just due to extra props or things needed. Please have fun with this!
    + Burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises... choose wisely. I can take any wound or incident and apply it to my body! ALL FAKE, of course. I can even do scary creatures or characters that pop up in your head! Face paint, fake blood, scar wax... I'll make it happen!
With all these commission options, I'm still willing to stretch it. If you have any other ideas that you see me capable of other than the 3 above, message me and I'll let you know my thoughts and if it's reachable!

Thank you all SO MUCH for the hundredth time!
I was extremely hesitant on the option of making a Patreon at first, because I am not one to cry for help...but after speaking with many of you and my family, this option started to glow. It makes more sense to me than it ever has, and how awesome is it that we have the option to support our favorite creators!? Pretty awesome.
Bless you all and please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^3^
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This goal means the absolute world to me. I would love to earn enough to be able to save funds for a very special upcoming event. It is an actual dream of mine to be able to attend Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA during the summer of 2018. There I will have the opportunity to meet the love of my life, truly. He's not only that, but my best friend. I am in a long-distance relationship today, with a man I have yet to see up close in person. Every day I pray and hope that I will be able to afford this trip, and the worry is also escalating. Not only will I meet him, but my best online friends too; it is so thrilling to imagine this trip with all of my favorite people together, the things we can do, the laughter spreading. My younger sister is attending with me and this will be the very first anime convention we've ever even seen up close. It would be immensely and extremely appreciated if we could have some outside help to achieve this goal, to afford two plane tickets to California, two tickets for the con, and funds for food etc. I will not stop at trying make this journey happen... right now it seems near impossible, but I have faith in a positive and uplifting outcome. Thank you so much if you decide to help in making this miracle happen; you're a life-saver. ^^
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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