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is creating art, books & collecting humans!
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The golden river of life.
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Amazing! You are here, making shit happen! Thank you.

  • An eye painted for you on the series called 'Sparkles in our Eyes'.
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  • An eye painted for you on the series called 'Sparkles in our Eyes'.
  • 5% discount at my Etsy Shop.
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  • An eye painted for you on the series called 'Sparkles in our Eyes'.
  •  a 8% discount on my Esty Shop which sells inspiring prints I am making.




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About Nix Davies

Dearest Patron 

Welcome and thank you for being here!

I am a collaborative conceptual artist, blessed and cursed with voices in my head whispering and weaving ideas that ignite a fiery passion in me to create. I spend my days imagining, designing, instigating and building concepts that are bigger than I can create myself. Collaboration is essential. My road of creation gives birth to an array of art, books, events and installations that connect and inspire others to engage and participate. 

I am currently focussed on completing a book called 'Beyond Awkwardness lies Brilliance: A Practical Guide to Making Shit Happen.'
It is a short, fun, tough loving poster book. 

You can discover more about what I have done and am doing at
I am also running the Imaginarium at

Collecting humans? What do you mean?
I am a profound believer in collective human potential.
I also love to align with passionate starters, instigators, risk takers and believers in impossible ideas. 
I can feel and see when a concept is screaming to come to life by the sparkles in peoples eyes when I talk to them about it.
This energy is the gurgling of trickling streams that will turn into raging rivers of possibility.
This here, this Patreon page and everything that happens here, is the source of the river.
It might not make sense at the beginning but it will all become very clear eventually.
If you enjoy being a part of a story right from the beginning, then stick around... and its quite likely that you will be written in, in the early pages of 'Once up on a time...'

You are here to witness and/or collaborate.
Patreon as an incredible tool for enabling not only creatives, but also collaborative communities rallying together to ensure we are surrounded by people who have sparkles in their eyes!
I want to collaborate with you, I want our eyes to sparkle!

I look forward to meeting you,
engaging in the creative process,
and enlightening ourselves in all that is possible.

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Load myself up with materials to create with and dance around the house in celebration! Probably naked - Ha! 

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