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You may have noticed that NJ Artists typically does not share individual artwork or Art Pages as a general policy. However, with a $5 donation, we will break this policy for you! Send us one image of your choice along with a link to your website, Facebook Page, or other online portfolio, and we'll post it for you (we ask that as we cater to a mixed audience, all images be work-appropriate). $5 per image to be posted one time only.

Want more images? Pledge an additional $1 per additional image and we'll post as many as you like.

Want more than just a day in our limelight? Pledge an additional $1 per additional day you'd like us to repeat your post and it shall be done.
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Daily Social Media Ads  - 2 weeks each

Do you have an event, class or workshop that you want campaigned on NJ Artists? A five dollar donation guarantees that we will post about your event every Monday through Friday on all our social media sites for two weeks as well as add it to our calendar of events. Be sure to send us your information at [email protected]/* */
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Donate $100 will get their original artwork featured as our social media banner for a month - complete with credits and a link to your website or online portfolio. This will only be available for six months at a time. Be sure to send us your image and information at [email protected]/* */




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About NJ Artists

NJ Artists is a community for artists, by artists. Our goal is to help the local community of artists gain the resources they need to flourish, and keep our creative community strong in the Garden State. Because we are between two major arts cities - Philladelphia and NYC, we include opportunities in these areas to help budding artists rise to the spotlight. NJ Artists seeks to provide opportunities primarily for visual artists, but is happy to support performing artists and other art forms upon request.

**Note: For those unfamiliar with Patreon's policies, you may want to start with their FAQ page: http://www.patreon.com/faq