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About nnennahacks

Hej! Välkomna till min Patreon!

I'm Nnenna and I engineer things.
In my free time, I create technology content.

As of October 2018, I've decided to begin crafting a Medium publication after having been a solo coding tutorial writer, a contributor to Codeburst.io, and an obsessive Software & Blockchain podcast listener. (That last part won't stop anytime soon.)

I play video games, watch people code on Twitch, write sci-fi/fantasy fiction & read for hours about everything I aim to learn. Software Architecture, Swedish, Sociology, Quantum Metaphysics, Distributed Systems, & more.

I'd like to not only learn + create for myself, but also for the curious, the ambitious, + the passionate.

My purpose is to curate a ton of content, package it, and provide relevant pieces to you all throughout your busy lives.

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I'll officially launch The Technical Surplus, a Medium publication featuring 100% tech content on blockchain, AI, quantum computing, genetic programming, & more rabbit-hole tech topics.
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