Noah Wizard

is creating a Cartoon Series about: Regret in Your 30's
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About Noah Wizard

Cartoon Self-Help Series

Heartbroken Alvin locks himself into a Bad Business Deal.
Each episode is about him confronting a different sub-personality (Slacker Alvin, Panicked Alvin, Vane Alvin) who want him to quit.

He chased his dreams, and quickly found out that nobody had prepared him to be his own boss; turns out, he is a very shitty boss, and nothing is getting done.

Three Christmas-Carol-Style ghosts cast a spell to help him examine the limiting beliefs he holds in his mind. They slow down his thinking and turn each of his thoughts into its own card, to be added to the deck his life plays from. He's tired of being dealt a bad hand, day after day. It's time to discard the damaging thoughts, and stack the deck in his favor.

Coming Soon Slowly

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