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Hums... Hums for the Poor
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Each person investing a dollar per month supports my music set making.  30 people at $1 means I can make one new set per month, or 12 sets per year. You post a dollar in my lap, and I'll inject some great music into your dancing bones!  :) :) This is a highly equitable investment in joyful times!

Tiny bricks to build it all
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Patronage is an investment art.  It binds you to everything I create, like mortar holding together a great wall (no relation to the boarder) - and with no time invested on your part! :) Each patron at this tier lays one tiny brick in the foundation of my creative empire (or socialist utopia, if you prefer that).  

* 30 patrons would equal 3-5 new music sets per month. You will get access to sets for home use as well as permission to use my sets for dance events. 

Creative Fertilizer
per month

Plants need nitrogen.  Ideas need dollar bills.  By contributing $10 per month, you are saying you want to support my making a few mixes a month, and you'd like to see my my board game(s) published. I'll post Music sets & Time laps Videos of  the Game Art. 

* You will receive first print of my game(s) when they are published 

* Special thanks, and extra license to cheat, at the release party! :)

NOTE: This is the only Tier that gets extra license to cheat at game launches.  The rest of you will just have to cheat & get away with it. 




I like to create experiences for others.  All of my creative work centers on creating opportunities to experience something evocative for the mind and/or body.  For this patreon, I am focusing on my work making superior mixes specifically for gender-free, alt music contra dances...UPDATE:  That is a lie.  I am learning to honor the value of the medicine I bring to the world and would love to see others invest in the development of all my works.  Medlies: This is way more than slapping three songs together.  It's rearranging parts of songs, looping, and blending tracks to better fit our dance form, and also create a crazy amazing musical journey.  By you joining me in this, you are supporting the musical development of our dance scene in Portland and beyond.  Also, you will be supporting me organizing dance events you love.  Who can say no to more awesome music and dancing. Events: I decided to add events because I feel like having the best dance events in Portland will give us a platform to spread our practice of functional intentional spaces, compassionate communication, and personal process.  Board Games: play is how we learn and practice most naturally.  The games I am creating and want to create are games that bring individual creative energy to the table through low stakes and silly themes while also subtly building some very useful skills, like lying, cheating, working together, flattery, audience specific humor, & Multi-game (system) awareness.  I also want to work on a social game centered around Recognizing emotional & trauma exchange, giving and taking power, and development of internal martial skills (the last one is a delicious future project). Books: In my current nearly first-draft work, I am exploring otherness, the basic experience of code switching, and other cultural & relationships tools used to "other" and dehumanize through a comical fantasy adventure. support to finish my novels is especially appreciated, as these are especially large and complex systems of people, ideas, culture, and creative intention, and that is just what is happening in my life. ;)  So I invite you to invest in quality stories that take just as much time and effort to create as a quality life.
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Goals are great.  Translating dollars into future works is better.  By the time we reach this goal, we'll all have 8-10 new music sets or fewer music sets and some publish ready art pieces for my board game.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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