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I love Art. I love Music. I love Literature. Typically, in history, these Craft Trades have been supported either through bartering in a market system for goods and services, OR supported by a religious institution, or kingdoms/governments. Right now I live in Canada which has Monetized the first method and also follows the second method via Factor Grants.

This allows me to "survive," but, as many of you know, keeps me trapped in an endless cycle of "Going to Work." Exchanging my services and goods for a price set by the current Economic Market that also ascribes Moral value to them is becoming a bit tiring. In the interest of becoming a "freer" human, and also to usher in the era of "Personal-Brand as Commodity" I am humbly entreating you, the citizens of earth, to assist me in my cause to spread Music, Visual Art, Videogames, Love, and General Awesomeness. I've already released 4 Full-Length Solo Albums, as well as over 10 other releases with various groups. I've already released 4 Videogames using the archaic MSDOS based program MZX. I've already had 2 art shows, and made tons of pieces for you to view! All that is free and already exists, your patronage will only further my cathartic quest.

I also promise to stop seeking revenue if we move to an Agrarian, Barter, or fully Socialist society in which basic needs are taken care of.
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Someone supporting me solely based on my visually artistic output would be really satisfying! LETS TAKE THIS PATREON TRAIN STRAIGHT TO THE TOP OF MOUNT OLYMPUS BABY!
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