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"Get Your Name In The Credits!"
Every little bit helps no matter how small the donation. So even if you donate a dollar you'll be rewarded with your name in the credits of the next episode of "Some Guy & Pinkie Pie" as a Patron Producer. Woo hoo!
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-All previous rewards, and also...
"I'll Draw A Character For You!" (I'll Mail You The Physical Copy)
I'm not much of an artist but I think I have a nice art style as you might have seen in my videos, I drew those cartoons of myself, Pinkie, and Twilight as well as the title cards. So I can draw any character you want in my own art style. Be it a video game character, a movie character, a real life person, or even yourself. I can even draw your own OC pony if you want. It'll be a hand drawn picture. Oh and I'll sign it too, you never know it could be worth something one day. =)
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-All previous rewards, and also...
"Decide The Topic For An Episode of Some Guy & Pinkie Pie!"
Okay, who's crazy enough to donate $50? Are my videos really good enough for this kind of donation? You seem to think so, so for that you can choose the topic for an episode of "Some Guy & Pinkie Pie". Whatever topic you choose it has to fit with what I normally do on the show, don't ask me to do an episode on Sea Sponges. The reason this reward is limited to 3 people is because these videos take a lot of time and effort to make. They require a lot of research, editing, acting, props, etc. So I don't want to get stuck just making Patron requests. =)




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About Noah Whitaker

Hello my name is Noah Whitaker and welcome to my Patreon. Here you can help support my Youtube series, "Some Guy & Pinkie Pie". An educational yet entertaining documentary series inspired by "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" "Reading Rainbow" & "Calvin & Hobbes".

It follows Some Guy and his best friend Pinkie Pie who are obsessed with pop culture. Movies, Video Games, Toys, Music, Comics, basically anything cool. With the help of their friend Twilight Sparkle, who keeps them from going off topic, they recount the history to popular and forgotten things in pop culture. Some other friends may even drop in from time to time.

If you become a Patron your donations will go towards paying the actors, improving the show and the rest will be saved for my bigger projects. 

Well I guess thats it, I hope you enjoy the show. I'll continue to work hard on the series and put out a new episode every month. 

Thank you. =)
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As of now I have couple voice actors helping out and a composer making original music. April Sky whose voicing Pinkie & Fluttershy. OtisCat123 whose voicing Twilight & Rarity. And then FutherProof whose making the music. Eventually as the series continues there will be more characters and thus other actors. So it's really important to be able to pay them at least something for their hard work. Paying them is my first my priority.
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