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Welcome, this is Nobody Would Believe
Nobody Would Believe is a place for people who love creepy art, paranormal and mysteries. Nobody Would Believe gathers stories from all around the world about unsettling and inexplicable events, then elaborates and proposes them in a surprising form for you to enjoy. This is the right place to reveal a mysterious occurrence that happened to you or your friends and that you have never told to anybody. Nobody Would Believe will listen very carefully and will make Art out of it.

I am your guide

You can call me Dr. Caligari. I am an artist who loves horror, psychology and mystery. For my Art I use different techniques such as painting, writing and filmmaking. I have a peculiar style that can be easily recognised and my works have been displayed in several festivals around the globe. I am particularly fascinated by those little unsettling things that happen around us every day. My mission is communicating them in an unconventional way.

This is the goal and this is the focus
Nobody Would Believe aims to create a shelter where to hide and relax. My specific goal is creating a database of stories, pictures, audio files and videos for you to access at any time of your busy day, just to remind you that reality is not always what we are accustomed to see. The focus is on the "small mysteries": that ghost apparition which made your mum jump, that appalling story that your grandfather told you about the Great War, that clown that you met in the wood at night. Nobody Would Believe offers also food for thought on life and death, a circle we all share.

What is Patreon
Patreon is a simple way to contribute to this form of Art. You can make a pledge and access the contents you want for an entire month. You can also get great rewards in return such as the "Creepy Surprise" - Try it if you dare.

How the money will be used
The more patrons this page has, the more I can focus on making Art. Managing the page is time consuming so your help would be vital for Nobody Would Believe. As you can imagine, this is not my primary job and everybody has a rent to pay.

You have a lot of questions and stories to tell
Of course you have. Please write them here: [email protected]

Welcome to the virtual space that you have been waited for all your life. Come, join us and enjoy the experience.

IMPORTANT: some might find the contents of this Patreon rather unsettling. Please, if you are sensitive, stay away from here.
$0 of $100 per month
Best story so far will become a video

With this amount of money I would make a video out of the best story that has been sent to Nobody Would Believe. You will decide what story deserves to be illustrated with pictures, sound and music and in few weeks the video will be out to scare the hell out of you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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