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I am an author, poet, and translator of the Japanese language. I have published a dozen short works, ranging from fantasy to horror to fairy tales! As for Japanese, I spent nearly five years of my life in Chiba-ken, where I interpreted and translated children's books for Tokyo Red Cross.

You can read my published short fiction and poetry at 

This Patreon page has a few guidelines, which you can read below! My page is managed by myself and my unofficial editor Aleya. 

1. Comments on posts make us ever so happy! Since the posts are the portion of the website Noel works the hardest on, this is the best place to share thoughts and opinions! She looks forward to reading them and will do her best to reply here when she can.

2. There is a Community page on Patreon sites that all are welcome to use for public posts! Please keep your conduct courteous and on-topic. We think this will be a great way for fans to connect.

3. The messaging application is a way to communicate about Patreon to our team (for example, my sketch didn’t reach my inbox, I can’t see this month’s flash fiction, etc). Please do not use the Patreon messaging application for private messaging/conversing with Noel. Our team will do its best to answer all your questions asap!

4. Please make sure that all questions for the eventual Q&A sessions or comments left on posts pertain to Noel as a writer and artist.

5. Flash fiction or comics are not to be copied or sent as screenshots. This is original material for patrons to be accessed and viewed through Patreon proper.

6. Please refrain from the use of explicit language or graphics in any comments. Noel has written and published works for children and adults alike and this site should be a safe environment for all ages. (Note: Most of the flash fiction is considered for an adult audience, so please let younger ages read at your own discretion.)

7. Failure to respect these guidelines may result in action being taken through both our team and Patreon to address said behavior and reevaluate your patronage.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts

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