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You'll join the ever-growing group of NXP ACRONAYME™  contributors whose first initials I will continually re-arrange into a word or sentence, paragraph, or book (like Bananagrams where patron's names are the tiles) and present during each episode.

Sounds crazy, right?
Full-Name Fancypants
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For $10/mo, you'll be added to our list of Full-Name Fancypants contributors, and we'll read off your full name each episode (not just a single letter! psh!) as fast as we can.

We'll also add your initial to the NXP ACRONAYME™ for good measure (and for the extra fodder, if you're a vowel).
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  • NXP ACRONAYME™ Contributor
  • Full-Name Fancypants
  • A snazzy, Enthusiast-only NXP shirt delivered to your door. You're really in now.
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Hey you! Thanks for dropping by our Patreon page for No Express Purpose.

If you're just passing through and haven't checked out the podcast yet, here ya go:

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More money = more free time = more & better content.
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