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I am stand-up comedian and writer based in New Zealand.

I've been performing stand-up comedy in NZ and Australia since 2007. (You can listen to my podcast on SoundCloud it's called "My No Good Stinkin' Loser Comedy Podcast" and I also co-host "The Snobcast" with Simon Kingsley Holmes)

I'm currently touring my new solo show "My No Good Stinkin' Loser Comedy". It is a very personal comedy show that deals with my dramas with my dysfunctional parents, my love of my stable and loving but recently deceased Grandmother, my beautiful and supportive girlfriend and the various trials and tribulations I've been through as a broke stand--up comedian trying to develop a cult following and avoid the typical mainstream path most comedians choose. It also contains topical material as I comment on the world around me so it's not just a myopic, self centered vision but it is certainly a window into who I am as a person which so far people have found funny, moving and engrossing.

I am currently performing this show all over NZ with plans to take it to Australia afterwards. It has been performed at Dunedin Fringe Festival and I intend to enter it in more festivals too. You can find tickets for the shows on EventFinda.

 I also have a comic book series called "The Adventures Of The Kite Family" (you can find it on Facebook and also on the comics hosting website "Smack Jeeves") that's a semi autobiographical story of a dysfunctional family dealing with the return of their son a depressed, broke comedian who is forced to live at home until he gets back on his feet. As you can see the "semi" there is perhaps not even needed...Although I have altered names, places and various minor details....

I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2010 whilst based in Melbourne. It was a period of my life in which I lost an incredible amount of weight and for a while I lost the will to really do anything. Although I never attempted suicide my brain was very close to the edge. I thank my family and friends for pulling me out of that black hole as well as the local doctors that helped immensely too.

Although I am doing much better now thanks to a supportive and loving group of friends and family I still struggle with my depression on a daily basis and it makes working and functioning in regular society very difficult for me as my brain is hopeless at dealing with the regular stresses of employment that many of you are at ease with. That said I have worked numerous jobs throughout my life (advertising copywriter, radio announcer, various retail positions, cleaning work, telemarketing, newspaper delivery and so on and so on) but I've always believed comedy is my true calling. I will continue to work jobs though so don't worry I'm not a free loader expect everyone to pay his way.

However...Now that I am touring more it's often hard for me to maintain a regular day job due to all the travel although I do work some temp jobs. I am also currently based in a small town (I live in a small granny flat outside my parent's house paying them a small portion of my earnings a week for rent and board) in which the nearest comedy city is a four hour bus ride away so I am using a lot of my money to pay for my buses there and buses and flights to other comedy centres in New Zealand and Australia. It is technically speaking out of my budget but I've been able to make it work with a lot of careful planning and of course loans from my girlfriend, friends and parents. All of whom I always pay back.

Yes I do charge for my comedy shows but by the time I've paid for travel, a place to stay (sometimes people put me up but often I'm in new places where I don't know anyone), food and so forth I'm often not left with very much money or sometimes none at all. Sometimes it ends up costing me money to perform.

Despite all this I am not in it for the money! I produce content for FREE regularly such as podcasts and my comic book series and I often perform comedy for donations and sometimes even for FREE or for charity.

I would love to keep being able to produce more content and have the time to do so. 

It would be so incredible if anybody out there who enjoys my work could help me in any way they can.

 Once again I am not asking for a lot as I know you have your own friends and family and yourself of course to take care of. I am just asking for some spare change here and there. It all helps and it's beyond appreciated.

I know one day I will get there and won't need as much help as I do know but for now I need all the help I can get and every time I get it I'm beyond appreciative of the loving, wonderful people who supply it.

Please help me produce more content for my small army of followers to enjoy!

Kind Regards and Love!

Dan Brader

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