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offstream shenanigans! each week we will hang out and play games, watch movies, or whatever else we end up thinking would be fun. message me on twitter with what you'd like to do, or your gamertag for the console you want to play on!
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About raevan

hello everyone! my name is raevan and I stream video games on twitch. I started streaming because I love games, I love having fun, and I love bringing people some happiness in their day. I know what it is like to go through very rough times, and if I can help bring someone a bit of happiness on rough days, then I am going to do all I can. I now have a sub button on twitch, and most have switched their sub over to that one.. but I am keeping this patreon open as a couple people would prefer to sub through here, and that is fine with me! be sure to come check me out on twitch and say hello. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I will do a 24-hourish stream with possible giveaways. ooooo, aahhhh
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