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Kind guardians, staving off my inevitable poverty, one dollar at a time. Thank you! Would you be okay with a free bookmark download, featuring some book promo art? Cuz... that's what I got.
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You already know how desperately I need $5.00. And you've come through with it. Bless you. How about the free bookmark download and... uh... ONE (1) free original art print download. When they become available? Sounds good?
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Giving $10.00 makes you a saint in my book. Honestly, you're too kind. Bookmarks and (1) one art print for you! Also... let's see... Sneak peeks at chapter drafts and 10%+ discount on all published works. First come, first serve dibs on any merch that I might start selling as well. Because I'm dreaming up some trucker hats as we speak.




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