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About Noize

Who Am I?

Hello I am known within this realm as LuaTenshi, I use an alias because I feel that names carry special significance and are reserved for use when talking in person.

The Stuff I Do!

I create Graphics Designs, Lua/Java/PHP Scripts, and Web Design. Currently I am working on  Garry's Mod Addons, and designing Abstract Art. Sadly I don't upload all my art to Steam but here is just a nibble of what I can do! I am also very open to suggestions and critiques because I believe that getting feedback is a very important part of design, and would help me get better.

Why Patreon?

Currently I am unemployed and really need the money. I've looked around and felt like Patreon would be a good fit. This is however my first time doing anything like this so be gentle. Also I feel like this site would help me find other people who like doing what I do so I can communicate, discuss, and share.

I also do freelance work that is either Photoshop, Illustrator or Web Design, if you would like to see a portfolio you can find most of my art here on Steam. So yeah, if you need something like that done you know who to call...

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