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  • Music downloads: You'll get an .mp3 download of every track I release, usually before it's available anywhere else.
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  • I'll follow you on Twitter — Wooo! Twitter friends!
  • You'll get a high-res audio file (.aiff or .wav) of the original track for download.
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  • Get access to my track stems on Splice or through Dropbox or Google Drive. You'll be able to listen to how the different elements of the track were constructed.




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About Nolan

'Time is money', as they say. I'm not on here looking for a free ride, I'm just looking to be able to spend the time doing what I love to do, which is creating and writing music and learning more about my craft. On average, I upload one song per month.
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If I reach $500 per song, I'll do up a bonus track of your guys' choosing. It could be a weird cover or mashup—the stranger the better.
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