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These are the people who want to see me live. They want me to create, be bold, and inspire beauty and love and wonder. All that, for a dollar. It's true! And you get new, exclusive content from me every month! Short stories, essays, poems, drawings or paintings. Something amazing. One freaking dollar. I love you so much.
Those who carry me in their mighty arms.
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These people want to see me live, and live well. They want me to try on clothes in stores, and drink from cups, not rivers. They want to see me soar, naked and mighty from the mountaintops, my long hair flowing in the wind. You are such beautiful souls, and I will reward you with exclusive content that will literally change your life. Oh, Beauty!
You Own Me, I Am Yours
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I will think of you during long baths, and on clear, crisp winter days. You sustain me, and I am yours. Members of this tier will receive content over and above the other exclusive content, and it will probably be about me, thinking about you, during long baths. You will own me, for three dollars a month.




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I'm Nolan. I've written several novels and other bits and pieces (some available on Amazon) and I'm looking for new ways to share my work. I've worked a lot as a ghost-writer, but I want to spend my creative energy working on material that means something to me. I'm trying Patreon after being inspired by the community of creators I've found on Twitter. Thank you for even reading this! Thank you even more if you choose to support me.

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