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Now available to all who contribute $5 or more per creation! The armies of Mordor and Angmar feel it is in their best interests to enroll WAY more members SO...


  • Patrons contributing $5 per creation are hereby enrolled in The Bad Guy Army™ and receive membership cards. They'll be custom designed and numbered & at $100 per creation goal level I will print and mail physical ones!
  • Bad guys are cool. 
  • Sketch requests — ask me to draw you something! (1x per month, and please keep it relatively simple)
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  • Bad Guy Army group chat
  • Answers to all your Tolkien questions and/or casual discussion of Tolkien's work (if I am not around, just leave your question in the Tolkien chat
  • Occasional art streaming - watch me draw. Plus, during live-drawing feel free to make requests (within reason) or ask questions!


Also... Occasional Bobblehead Sauron Pics.  

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I Just Really Love Wraiths, Guys
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People who would like to contribute $10 per creation will be rewarded with:

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  • A personalized  Office Wraiths print (or digital file if you prefer to print your own) to hang wherever you feel it is appropriate 
  • Membership to the Bad Guy Army™
  • All the other stuff!
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What Even Is This?

I am the creator of a series of whimsical, funny illustrations featuring Nazgûl in mundane situations, sometimes guest-starring other inhabitants of the Land of Mordor (where the shadows lie). It started with a drawing of a Ring-wraith holding a cup of coffee in that classic pose the boss makes in the movie "Office Space," saying "If you could catch Baggins, it'd be greaaaaaat." Also, he's going to need you to come in on Saturday.

This started a series of little drawings that I used (as the office administrator) as illustrations for signs  and e-mails, to interject some humor into "Please make more coffee when you empty the coffee pot," "The elevator is broken," and "Out of Order".

Some of them — predictably, when you work at a game studio — became intra-office memes. Unpredictably, at least to me, people really loved them. I made a number of them that were basically customizable response images and I'm happy that they live on in people's hearts, minds, chat channels and hard drives.

I still enjoy making them and am expanding the idea into an entire series of illustrations that I call "Office Wraiths," because "Nazgûl Doing Everyday Stuff" isn't catchy. Some of them have a more "dogs playing poker" feel to them (see: Nazgûl Brunch above), others are very straightforward jokes and others are Lord of the Rings references. 

Where's This All Going, Then?

There are two ways I can go with the series; the first is my initial thought to produce a couple a month and perhaps make a book of them. However, it occurred to me that perhaps this idea is better suited for a webcomic/periodical, and it's a matter of if I had more time to draw wraiths doing funny stuff, rather than making money). And that is where Patreon comes in, I'm told — what if I could make money FOR drawing wraiths?!

For the moment I have the rewards and payment structured as a per creation setup, although if I expand the idea into a webcomic and produce content related to it on a more frequent basis, it would probably make more sense to change to a monthly structure. I would like to, at some point, expand beyond "just drawing wraiths" and have regularly scheduled discussions or Q&A sessions about design or Tolkien in general.

Anything Else?

I don't just draw Nazgûl! My original professional artistic focus was as a straight graphic designer (logo/typography, web/print layouts and branding) but recently I have done more character design and illustration — I take commissions for pieces on an individual basis. They tend to go to people who play and run role-playing games (like Dungeons and Dragons, or free-form LARP type games) and writers, although I am still more than happy to create non-fantasy artwork (including logos and typography!). More art, you say? I hope you like Tolkien-inspired fan works because that's what's left on my previous portfolio site!

I learned all my skills at Mordor Community College, of course. I designed this shirt myself and while it is currently not in The Silmaril Store (my shop), I will bring it back if there is demand for it!

Thank you for your support!
$10 of $20 per creation
At this level, I (depending on finances, as I am unemployed) will print and mail out the numbered, signed Bad Guy Army Membership Cards to anyone who wants a hard copy signed by The Witch-King.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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