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I'm not going to make this too complicated, and I'm not going to confuse you with a million tiers.  How about $5 and I'll send you...

• Two songs every month.  These could be demos, voice memos, songs I intend to put out soon, or old songs I made before No Lungs was a thing.  I'll send you backstories behind everything.

• Two videos every month.  These could be videos of practices, videos from shows (not online right now), or even videos going over gear, recording songs, or stupid videos from my youth.

• One live stream for Patreon friends every month.  This could be acoustic or full band.  It'll really just depend.  Some sets will be covers, some will be originals, but I'll probably mix it up.

• My everlasting love and appreciation for supporting this silly project in a potentially sustainable way.





My name is Austin Ryan. When I'm not petting dogs or reviewing my favorite pizza muffins, I'm making music under a project called No Lungs. With this project, I record everything myself. I released two albums this year, These Threads Lead Somewhere and Never Live It Down. In August, I re-recorded These Threads Lead Somewhere and I'm putting out a re-recorded version of Never Live It Down in December. These versions are the versions I want you to hear.

I document everything, even my potty breaks (well, maybe not those.)  I have videos, voice memos, old albums I'm embarrassed to show anyone, you know...the typical stuff. I want to show you some of this stuff...if you want that.

I feel weird about subscriptions. I don't want to make it seem like I'm making music for money. I'm not, but it does feel nice to be economically valued.  This will also help me to make sweet stuff for merch! This is a one-man operation and it's kind of a struggle sometimes.

The music for the public is going to be free for a while.  With that said, this subscription gets you a bunch of stuff that's not going to anyone else.  Plus, since I'm not famous, this will really be yours. It's not going to end up online or anything. Nobody is going to leak any of this. It's for you if you want it.

You'll get songs I wrote that were either scrapped No Lungs songs, ideas (voice memos), or songs I wrote before No Lungs. You'll get videos of the first No Lungs practices, recording, gear talk for people that dig that, and old stand up comedy videos I did in my bedroom. You might even get songs I write specifically to share with you. If any of this is enticing to you, I'd love the support. I'm a broke college student and a starving artist.

Thank you!
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