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After 5 years of Dreaming, Doing, Building, Traveling, Developing, Creating, Practicing, and Perfecting, we at Nomadic Magick, the one stop shop for Mystical Entertainment have decided to take our Creative Expressions to the Next Level.

We have been pursuing our dream of being entertaining performers, and it has been an amazing adventure so far. The times have been good, and the times have been hard, the times have been smooth, the times have been rough, but we wouldn't change a thing, because at the end of the day we are doing what we love, what we were born to do.

I am Connor O'Carraig the Leprechaun Extraordinaire. Magician, Musician, Luck Consultant, Master of Mysticism, Fire Artist, Craftsman, Warrior Bard, Comedian, and (amateur)juggler. I like to make jokes...

My Fiance is Juju Voodoo the Swamp Witch. Native of New Orleans, Tarot Reader, Medicine Woman, Fire Artist, Path-worker, Craftswoman, Spiritual Advisor, and most Importantly MY Foxy Lady.

We got our start in New Orleans, performing on the street for tips. Magic Shows, Playing Music, and doing Tarot Readings all spontaneously on the street. We bought an old Winnebago Rialta, and began building on the Dream of traveling the country(and later the world) doing Renaissance Fairs, Festivals, and also stopping of in major cities so that we don't forget our deep roots in busking. 

Our Mission is to create an inter-dimensional portal that transports you to a world of Mysticism and Wonderment. Any where, Any TIME. We do this through our various talents and creative Expressions. The FIRE SHOW (spinning, manipulating, eating and breathing real FIRE!), The Magic Show( a display of amazing sleight of hand, all delivered in Rhyme about Time), Acoustic Finger-Style Guitar, Tarot Readings, Bardic Tales and a wide and various Inventory of Magical Products. 

We want to create a way for people to enjoy the journey with us. Every step of the way. The Road trips, The opening and development of our product store, The Camping, The Performances, The one of a kind interactions you get to have with people after and during a performance. We want to do this Full Time, year round and we want you to join us as we create more content to be enjoyed in person and online!

A huge thanks goes out to all of our fans who have loved and supported us so far! Thank you, Seriously, from the bottom of our heart. Were it not for you we would not have made here, you guys are why we do this, and you guys are the only reason ANY of this is possible. Thank you for believing!
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When we Reach $1000 a Month we will by a New RV and put out a Drawing of all Patrons For a chance to join us on a Maiden Voyage Adventure! Destination Unknown.
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