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Thanks a ton!  This is going to go a long way into getting those monthly costs taken care of.  These go beyond just the cost of power and hardware.  It actually takes subscriptions to various services to make it all happen at this level, who knew?

Tier Benefit: 1 Movie/TV Season Requests per month.

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I mean $10 a month is awesome.  That makes you an awesome person!  You just give yourself a pat on the back and go watch some movies why don't ya!

 Tier Benefit: 2 Movie/TV Season Requests per month. 

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So now we are talking hardware upgrades!  Turns out having 30+ terabytes takes a lot of hard drives, who knew.

 Tier Benefit: 4 Movie/TV Season Requests per month. 




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How I got in this mess....

All I wanted was to be able to easily watch all of my content while traveling for work.  Then it turned into not just never wanting to deal with discs or players every again.  I just wanted to be able to watch any of my content from one platform anytime, anywhere, and on any device. After I got things set up though it worked so well I had to share it.  Now I am to the point of needing to upgrade hardware and incurring other additional costs to be able to support it. I want to be able to continue offering it to others but in order to do so I need a little help.  So if you are willing to throw a little my way to keep the LEDs blinking and the hard drives spinning then look to the right for the various donation levels.  Anything and everything is greatly appreciated.  
The things that have to be said.....

Anything you decide to give is purely a donation.  You are not paying for a service of any kind. I have been currently using this platform for about 5 years but that does not mean it couldn't go away tomorrow.  I do not provide any guarantee any up-time and do not provide any support. All money will go to covering monthly costs, upkeep, and upgrades.  As a thanks for donating please enjoy being able to sync media for offline viewing for every donation level. 

Thanks again!
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This goal would cover monthly power and internet fees.  It takes a lot of hamsters running on wheels and tapping out all those 1s and 0s to get video to you. Lately they have been trying to unionize though, but no worries. Like Wal-Mart I am doing my best to keep a good hamster down and pass along those savings to you!
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