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"Hey I'm poor too help a brudda out"
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you give me a dollarino and i'll send a video where I call you a cool gamer. also you get access to cool gamer discord.
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"was gonna get fast food but ill give"
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5 whole dollarinos gets you an exclusive video where I drink fortnite shield irl. you also get to see my cool gamer content before anyone else plus reward above
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"Dude I Love Gaming"
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dang son thats a nice fat 10 you get uhhhhhhh idk ill play some switch game or something with you plus rewards above

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About NoMadJ

Howdy doo I'm a hardcore gamer but I don't got gamer cash to buy gamer things to make gamer content. I wanna make the epic cool montage highlight things that people like.
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the money to buy idk probably that hip and happenin mario maker 2 game
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