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About The NomadTogether Podcast

Ooh hey there, 

We are Paul and Becky Kortman, the voices behind the Nomad Together podcast.

We love being location independent, and we want to encourage other families as they see fit to live their dream lifestyle. Not everyone has the same dream lifestyle, and ours seems to change often, however currently we enjoy full-time traveling through Mexico in our RV with our 4 kids and 2 dogs.

We've been digital nomads since 2014, but of course it didn't start smoothly and we have been faced many challenges along the journey. 

Back in the day, we discovered a lack of support for full time traveling families. The struggles of culture shock, the thought of raising kids in a community that doesn’t speak English, the support for families who aren't expats just wasn't there.

We had no place to ask questions. We were seeking people who have done this before, what are the tips, the advice, the possible pitfalls in what they were doing?

And that's when we created Nomad Together to help and support other families committed to pursuing their dream lifestyle.  
Some may want to travel full time as a family, some may want to travel part time as a family, some don't wish to travel at all but desire to live where they want without being held back by jobs or their children's education. There are many inspiring stories out there, but the practical advice, the how to, the what next, the best practices, etc. That didn't exist until we created the Nomad Together Podcast.

We now have over 50 episodes packed with actionable advice, insight, and encouragement of how to make this happen and how to address some things on the road you may have not thought of before.

When you look at all the reasons we do this podcast one stands out. The fact that as we encourage more families to live their dream lifestyle we are impacting a whole generation. Imagine what these kids in these families will be like as adults. Imagine what their world-views will be and imagine how whole they will be by having their parents around and involved more in their day to day lives. By supporting NomadTogether you are in essence supporting all of the kids in this movement. Helping their parents to choose a better life for their kids.

It's now time to level up!

The podcast audience has grown, and now we're ready to launch this insider's community. This is a place to get the additional content that isn't quite ready for prime time. 

You see there's just too much going on to get all the great content out on a weekly podcast. Instead we'd like to invite you to the insiders community where we will post member-only content. And yes it will be audio content but we may expand to written content as well! 

Our inside members (hopefully that'll be you shortly!) will receive more regular updates from us, you'll get more personal insights and you'll get the parts of interviews that go too long for the podcast or are significantly different from the topic. 

For example we recently recorded an episode on volunteering overseas, after the episode I asked the guest to speak on what it takes to make money travel blogging and it was a great short conversation that is perfect for our insider community (it's one of our first updates here!)

If you join us in the insider community we have plenty of rewards (check them out on the right hand side of the screen) and you'll be a part of an exclusive community that is helping spread knowledge and tools to this growing movement. 

So is this Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is about a one-time fundraising to get to the next level in creation or a product. 
Patreon is for folks like us who put out (creative) content on a regular schedule, in our case (almost) weekly. (Hey, We are living a travel lifestyle and sometimes that gets in the way of making awesome podcasts!). So when you make a pledge here it can be a one time pledge but 99% of the pledges are per podcast episode. So if we skip a week, you don't get charged! 

Aren't you just trying to get rich off of this?
Sure that'd be awesome, we love getting on the Mic and love producing these podcasts for you, but let's be honest here. We have over 1,000 subscribers to the show, but to make a great show we have an editor and now a transcription service plus hosting and staff, it currently costs us $150-$300 per episode to produce and that's not factoring in our time. So until we get to the $300/episode pledge we're just talking about digging out of a hole, there's no profit here.

Podcasts are free!! Why should I contribute?
While it's true that the NomadTogether podcast will always remain free, it is not true that it costs us nothing to produce it (see the point above!) And so I look at it this way, I LOVE paying for Netflix, I love what netflix is doing and I love the content I get from netflix. I also LOVE that it's ad free. I watch YouTube videos, and I suffer through the ads, but it ruins my experience and sometimes the ads don't interest me etc. Plus the content creators now are just working to get ad revenue. So we'd rather not be another podcast with ads. Sure we could offset some of our costs, and some people do get rich podcasting with advertisements. However, with our audience Ads don't fit, and frankly they ruin the experience. 

Instead we want to offer you something more! We want to invite you to be a part of the NomadTogether Insiders community where you'll get more content, more information, and more insights (everything you receive from the podcast plus more!!). 

So you should contribute if you value what we're doing, if you value the content we've been producing, and if you want us to keep going while you get exclusive Patreon insider updates (see the levels at the right)

What are your goals? What's the future for the Nomad Together Podcast?
Well right now we're shooting for $200-$300 per podcast episode. It's actually not that much money, we only need 60 people to pledge $5 per episode. But that will get the ball rolling and help us produce great content to enable more families to choose location independence. Our goals beyond that are listed at the left. But in reality the focus for us is to give the secrets away, to help families find the events, the support, the tips and information they need to live this lifestyle or to live their dream lifestyle.  Who knows, maybe even some big 'meet-up and learn from each other' events may be in the cards!

Questions? Email us at [email protected]
$16 of $45 per Podcast Episode
At this stage we will transcribe all future episodes so you can read the ones you don't have time to listen to.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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