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every little bit helps! as a patron you get to play new releases before they go public. assets will be unarchived as well, meaning you can peek at the files, including the script...! kya~
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for every game i release you'll get the art collection+guide pdf to go with it!
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i'll post downloads of my artwork (psd format) at full res so you'll get a little peek behind the curtain ;o this will include game assets and any related illustrations/sketches.




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About NomnomNami

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if you're looking for some quality yuri games, YOU'RE IN LUCK!
i've made many.

here's a list of the most popular titles!
★ syrup and the ultimate sweet - a candy alchemist one day finds a candy golem in her basement... (visual novel, 10 endings)
★ lonely wolf treat - a heartwarming series about a wolf, bunny, and fox girl who [spoilers] all become girlfriends ♥ (rpg maker game, currently 6 chapters)
★ her tears were my light - a love story between time and space. save your girlfriend via time travel powers! (visual novel, 3 endings)
★ contract demon - an angel summons a demon... and then they fall in love! (kinetic novel, 1 ending)

all of my games are available for free (or pay what you want!) on, and a few of my games have mobile versions on google play!


by pledging any amount, you'll be able to play my games before i release them publicly! i also offer various rewards, like pdfs and full-res artwork (depending on whichever tier you choose).

i'm only able to work on these games in my spare time, so you'll only be charged when i release a new game. if you're someone who already buys each of my games (whether it be for the extra content like art collections, or just out of the kindness of your heart ♥), this might be the most convenient option for you!

alternatively, i have a ko-fi set up for one-time donations--that's the best place to go if you're looking for smaller updates on current projects, as i've recently been using it as a dev blog.

if you can't afford to donate, don't worry! playing and recommending my games to your friends is already more than i could ask for. more than anything, i just want my games to be accessible, and to reach as many yuri fans as possible!

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