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is creating neurodivergent and lgbt stories
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About Tobias Deleskiewicz

Hello, and thank you so much for making your way to my patreon page! I have very big plans for the future, and I am asking you to be a part of it. Feel free to contact me on tumblr with any questions!

My inspiration from the very beginning has been to tell stories that embrace what is important to me and that make people feel good. To tell stories about and for people who feel under or poorly represented, namely neurodivergent, lgbt+, and disabled people of all stripes. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to make this wish a reality, and to have people like you support who I am and what I love. It means the world to me.

Why Should I Support You
I have a long ongoing chronic illness that prevents me from working full time right now, as well as being mentally ill, all of which requires medication to manage. Every dollar you send me will go towards supporting both my mental and physical health as well as my ongoing physical transition as a transgender person. With your help, I can keep myself well enough to continue to supply you with lots of fun stories like Pack Mentality and Summoned Memories

What Will My Support Get Me
Besides the feeling of personal satisfaction, patrons will get access to every chapter of every story as they are released, including subscriber only access to my shorter erotica stories as they come out.

My two longer, ongoing stories are Pack Mentality and Summoned Memories:

Pack Mentality is a supernatural slice of life style story concerning a nonbinary werewolf, a recovering goth, and an eighties era vampire who are all struggling to find their place in a world moving on without them. Pack Mentality not only addresses common tropes of the genre, but also gender and mental illnesses and disabilities, as the werewolf in particular, Seamus, is autistic.

Summoned Memories is another ongoing supernatural story, concerning a fallen angel, Omael, who, together with the demon Sheuhs, is summoned by a human who seems to know them very well. Their exploration of what this means for them, as well as their future, shapes the world of a story focused very heavily on love, polyamory, sacrifice, and the cost of free will.

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